Top 5 ways in 2020 to make money safely as the crypto whales do

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They came, they saw but conquered they did not. What remained of the post-ICO rally in 2018 was debris of the alt-coin massacre? Who would have thought that Bitcoin prices would have collapsed from an all-time high of $20,000 to $3000 after all the promise of a rally that saw no end or as many people would term it, “the Moon.” Since then, it has become clear to many that Crypto isn’t a get rich quick scheme now. Put it, crypto markets are incredibly volatile, and the only people who understand how the game is played wins. These participants are commonly known as “Whales.”

Today, let us understand what defines a Whale, and share some insights on how to minimize your risk while maximizing returns from trading the crypto markets.

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But firstly, what is a Whale, or rather, a crypto whale?

As we know, the whale is by far the largest sea creature known to men, and it can easily overpower just about any other fish in the ocean. In crypto markets, however, Whales are people who hold large amounts of cryptocurrency, to the point that they influence short term price movements every time they trade. Every trader aspires to become a Whale. While Whales do have an advantage in the market, they are exposed to risks too. Thus, we must first understand the methods used by Whales to play it safe, yet win massively.

How to play it safe and win massively in 2020

#1. Do not HODL

HODL is an acronym that stands for “Hold On for Dear Life.” There are two groups of HODLERs. The first group comprises of profiting traders who continue to hold their profiting positions hoping for a home run. The other group consists of loss-making traders who, despite suffering heavy losses, continue to live in denial, believing price has bottomed, and hold their assets hoping for a reversal.

We have seen crypto assets rising as much as 300% a day, and then dropping back down to its original price or lower. These situations are commonly termed as “Pump and Dump” situations. The truth is, prices do not just pump and drop for nothing; the whales are selling the pumps, which results in the dumping of prices.

The key here is to set realistic targets and take profits before the whales do. But how do we set these target prices? We can do so using Technical Analysis, and that by studying the charts, hints on the Whales movements can be gathered, and thus help you make well-informed decisions. Setting realistic profit targets is essential; as the saying goes, “The highest wealth is the absence of greed.”

On the other hand, it has been proven time and again that low can indeed get lower. It is worth noting that the lowest value that the price of any asset across financial markets is 0. Thus, it is wise to get out when necessary to avoid bag holding huge losses, and plan a re-entry when better opportunities arise!

#2. Scalp event pumps

Possibly one of the easiest and fastest way to make money in the crypto market. A coin pumps when there is massive updates/news on them. For instance, on August 5, 2019, Litecoin, one of the most significant currency by market capitalization, was to undergo an event that occurs once every four years: Halving. Halving is a process where it cuts the mining rewards by half — essentially cutting the supply of new Litecoins by half. And due to the law of demand and supply, this necessarily will cause a rise in price. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee explained: “So a lot of people are buying in because they expect the price to go up and that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, because they are buying in, the price does go up.”

As such, it is wise always to keep yourself updated with the latest news; some websites recommended include and There are also several applications available via mobile, such as BTCnews.

By getting yourself updated on the latest news, a trader can get the timing shifts of the top coins where Whales are most commonly active in. You are then able to plan an excellent entry to take advantage of price pumps caused by crypto coin/market events that can lead to profitable outcomes.

#3. Arbitrage Trading

Crypto markets experience extreme bull or bear periods, and being caught on the wrong side of the trade can be frustrating and detrimental to your capital. Being able to navigate markets without having concerns about its bullish or bearish states is without a doubt that the best scenario of which every trader would love to be in.

However, such scenarios are only achievable when arbitrage capabilities are available. While it is rare in well-developed traditional markets, the crypto market, however, is relatively new. The relative infancy of crypto markets would mean that many inefficiencies are present. Such inefficiencies provide many arbitrage opportunities as compared to traditional financial markets.

Profits from arbitrage opportunities are risk-free, which makes arbitraging highly attractive. However, not only are arbitrage opportunities challenging to spot, they often solely exist for short periods. Thus, conducting manual trades on arbitrage opportunities is an impossible task for traders, and it is usually that the use of technology is required.

Technological advancements have led to the creation of arbitrage bots that automate your trades for you, allowing you to make profits through arbitrage opportunities. However, choosing the right arbitrage bot can be a very tricky process as you would be subjected to complete reliance on the bot to automate your trading. Besides, while choosing the right bot can generate you healthy profits, a wrong one can destroy your capital.

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#4. Accumulating

While the post-ICO massacre may have scarred many Crypto investors and traders alike, fundamentally sound coins that carry high potential do exist; such coins may return to its previous high, or even higher in the long run.

The key here is never to pick the bottom, and not to throw all your eggs in a single basket. Even with the best technical analysis expertise available, it is still too risky to throw all your money at a single price, as previously mentioned, the lowest value an asset can be valued at is 0. Dollar-cost averaging is a widely popular technique used to spread our capital outlay over the long run while minimizing risk.

But how do we choose a coin with potential?

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The team.

The team behind the development of the coin should be well-established, and one that has proven themselves to be reliable and trustworthy.

The Purpose.

  1. It is crucial to ascertain whether the purpose of the project in question has the potential to revolutionize industries with their blockchain technology as well as potential use cases for their coins.

If the answer for both questions leads to real confidence, then it may very well be a project that has the potential to grow, and that its current cheap price is, therefore, worth acquiring.

#5. Store USDT

The volatility of the cryptocurrency market provides plenty of profitable opportunities. However, the process of converting fiat currencies to Crypto to capitalize on these opportunities takes up way too much time.

As such, holding USDT (or any stable coin) provides a trader the adequate capital required to act on an opportunity when it arises. In fact, according to a report by, Just 104 addresses hold 70% of the stable coins circulating supply. This means that many crypto Whales hold large amounts of Tether, and for a good reason — The ability to quickly jump into a profit opportunity in the most volatile market.


Because cryptocurrency is exceptionally volatile, it is without a doubt that many are profiting in this market. Although crypto markets are relatively new and are surrounded by skepticism, crypto markets are here to stay. By successfully managing your trades as the crypto whales do, it is possible to profit massively from crypto markets.

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